Mini 7 Piece Starter Set Special


You save R600!

Sometimes we’re not actually sure why we do this – it’s such good value that we are basically not making any money from it, but, we want you to have access to a set of Milestone Smalls for an excellent price.

  • We’ve chosen a collection of smalls that we think every kitchen needs.
  • It matches our 7 Piece Starter Set Special – it’s the mini version. Get it
The dimensions for the products are as follows:
  • Rectangular Chopping Board – 500mm wide x 360 deep x 80mm high
  • Cutlery Holder – 450mm wide x 130mm deep x 145mm high
  • Stepping Stool – 300mm wide x 180mm deep x 230mm high
  • Tray with large rings – 430mm wide x 250mm deep x 90mm high
  • Mini Storage Units – 215mm wide x 270mm deep x 220mm high
  • Mini Book Stand – 260mm wide x 100(70)mm deep x 250mm high
Available only in solid Pine wood.

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