1. What kind of wood is used to manufacture Milestone Smalls?

Our products are made from South African Pine and/or Ash wood.

Pine is a softer wood, which has relatively sparse fibres making it lightweight. It is easily sanded and painted making it ideal for painted pieces.

Ash wood is a hard wood with dense wood fibres which makes it tough, durable and flexible. This results in Ash wood being heavier and more expensive than Pine wood. Ash has a beautiful grain and is recommended if you are choosing an unpainted product.

Solid Pine Wood

Solid Painted Pine Wood

Solid Ash Wood

2. Can I use varnish on Milestone Smalls products?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that different types of varnish and sealer provide different finishes. We recommend using food-safe mineral oil e.g. Olive oil on chopping boards to maintain the product’s natural beauty.

3. Can Milestone Smalls create custom smalls products for me?

We often do customised variations of our current products. Entirely custom smalls items are not something we do often, but we’re certainly willing to discuss it!

Please click here to send us an enquiry with your request.

4. Can you tell me more about wooden chopping boards?

Why get a wooden a chopping board?

  • The porous nature of wood is gentle on knives allowing your knives to stay sharp for longer.
  • People are often sceptical about how hygienic wood is as it can absorb fluids – but do not fear! Wood absorbs bacteria, traps it and then kills it which makes wooden chopping boards hygienic.
  • We make our chopping boards from salvaged wood from our Milestone Kitchens factory which reduces the amount of wastage in our factory.
  • Milestone Smalls wooden chopping boards are not only environmentally friendly, durable and anti-microbial, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

How do I look after my chopping board?

Your wooden chopping board can last almost forever if you look after it carefully. Here are some tips to keep it in good nick:

  • Lightly wipe your chopping board with food-safe oil like Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil on both sides, regularly, making them more waterproof, and less likely to warp.
  • Hand washing with soap water, and air drying your board will minimise the chances of warping.
  • Use both sides of your board. Using one side will cause moisture to soak into one side of the board, but not the other.
  • Over time if you feel your board has accumulated too many grooves, dents or scratches, you can always sand the board down and re-oil it – making it look as good as new!

5. When can I expect my Milestone Smalls order to arrive?

Once you have placed your order we will advise you of the delivery date. Delivery will be within 7 working days.

6. How much is delivery?

When ordering your Milestone Smalls product you have two delivery options:

  1. You can collect your products from the Milestone Factory at no extra cost.
  2. You can have your products delivered to you. Our deliveries are calculated based on the amount of products you order and how heavy those products are. You will be provided with a delivery cost before you place your order. Delivery costs start from R50.

We offer free shipping on all orders over R1500!

Our delivery costs are a work in progress and are subject to change.

7. Does Milestone Smalls ever run specials?

Yes! Follow Milestone Kitchens on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of our exclusive specials and discounts.

8. I've got a question not listed here. Now what?

Contact us! Call/WhatsApp us on 076 949 5745 (Milestone Kitchens Factory) or 082 891 1719 (Milestone Kitchens Showroom) or click here to send us an enquiry.

9. Where can I purchase Milestone Kitchens products?

You can purchase Milestone Kitchens free-standing kitchen units from milestonekitchens.co.za

10. Where can I purchase Milestone Smalls products?

You can make your purchase Milestone Smalls products from milestonesmalls.co.za or at our Showroom located at No. 52 6th Street Parkhurst, Randburg.

11. How does payment work?

You make a direct bank transfer to our bank account or pay through PayFast. PayFast provides various secure and easy online payment methods.

Our banking details are:

Milestone Kitchens (PTY) LTD | FNB
Account no: 62675585320
Branch: Dalton
Branch code: 220-231
Cheque account
Ref: Your order number