Coat and Shoe Rack

R2,200.00 – R4,450.00

Dimensions: 1100mm wide x 300mm deep at the top and 600mm deep at the bottom x 1800mm high.

The Milestone Coat and Shoe Rack is designed for… drum roll… your coats and shoes. Wooden, industrial style decor items are so trendy right now – these units will zhuzh up any space.

Where to use it:

  • Upstyle an entrance hall in your home.
  • In your bedroom, it is quick and easy to use, and so much neater than throwing your jackets over a chair and your shoes next to your bed!
  • Never know where to put the kids school bags, lunches, sports clothing and jackets? This is the answer. It is neat. It is organised. Put it at the entrance to your kitchen or at your front or back door.
  • Ideal for bed and breakfast’s – it is a stylish way to store your clothing when you don’t need a lot of storage space and owners save on the cost of having to buy a whole wardrobe.
  • It is also great for entrance halls in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Available in both solid Pine and solid Ash wood.

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